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Amazing Whales And Dolphins Fact Cards
Amazing Whales And Dolphins Fact Cards
Amazing Whales And Dolphins Fact Cards
Amazing Whales And Dolphins Fact Cards

Amazing Whales And Dolphins Fact Cards

Button And Squirt

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Amazing Whales and Dolphins Fact Cards

Featuring 35 amazing whales and dolphins from our oceans, including:



Strap Toothed Whale

Sperm Whale

Southern Right Whale

Short Finned Pilot Whale

Short Beaked Common Dolphin

Humpback Whale

Hourglass Dolphin

Fin Whale

Dalls Porpoise

Cuvier Beaked Whale

Common Minke Whale

Commersons Dolphin

Brydes Whale

Bowhead Whale

Bottlenose Dolphin

Blue Whale

Beluga Whale

Australian Snubfin Dolphin

Amazon River Dolphin

Irrawaddy Dolphin

False Killer Whale

Ginkgo Toothed Beaked Whale

Gray Whale

Melon Headed Whale


Northern Bottlenose Whale

Omuras Whale


Pygmy Right Whale

Pygmy Sperm Whale

Rissos Dolphin

Rough Toothed Dolphin

Sei Whale

Each card features a fun illustration with the animals common name on one side, then, on the other side, their scientific name, what they eat, conservation status, where they live, and 3 fun facts. The background colour of the card shows where they live. 

You can start by using the cards to learn about the animals, then progress into playing a game to see who knows more about that animal, as well as sorting by where they live using the colour coding, or using them to draw from, or as a great starting point for educational projects. 

Pack contains 36 cards, 35 animal cards and 1 keycard. 

The cards are approx 78 x 108mm, presented in a fully printed box making the perfect gift.

UKCA/CE marked

Not Suitable for under 3's - CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts.

Button and Squirt aim to inspire the next generation to love the animals that we share the earth with, to be passionate about their conservation and to learn about their amazing abilities. The World is full of so many creatures from the tiny but adorable pink fairy armidillo to the majestic and mystical narwhal that's so fabulous most people don't believe it's actually real.

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